A revelation of horrid living conditions of coal minners

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Coal Mining The living condition of miners was shocking and horrid.

The Miner's Right, A Tale of the Australian Goldfields

They lived in shacks inside their patch village (neighborhood) which was owned by the coal company. As well as the coal company owning the houses they also owned the schools the church the store where they inflated prices a.

Working conditions: Working conditions in the coal mining industry has its inherent dangers. Miners housing: In many areas Coal Companies provided houses for their workforce.

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Pit boys: Children sometimes started working at. The Scalp Hunters by Reid, Mayne, - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Coal Miner Tribute Edition II S/L/LR In Tribute To Those Who Toil In Darkness To Light Our Way It takes a man of courage to descend into the shaft each day, and a woman of courage to marry a miner knowing the risk her husband faces.

A revelation of horrid living conditions of coal minners
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Coal Miner Tribute Edition II | Henry Repeating Arms