Brancacci chapel in santa maria del

Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence

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Santa Maria Novella

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Brancacci Chapel

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brancacci chapel,florence,santa maria del carmine:masaccio frescoes

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Brancacci Chapel

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You have to order tickets in advance for a specific day and hour, but during a low season, it is not so necessary. If you want to see also a church itself (not must!) and /5(). Get skip the line access into the intimate Brancacci Chapel, plus a video guide, so.

Chapelle Brancacci

The Tribute Money is one of many frescoes painted by Masaccio (and another artist named Masolino) in the Brancacci chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence—when you walk into the chapel, the fresco is on your upper left.

All of the frescos in the chapel tell the story of the life of St. Peter. The church of Santa Maria del Carmine originated as a romanic-gothic church but was almost completely rebuilt after a fire in 18th Century and is known for the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel.

ATTENZIONE! Sfortunatamente il Corridoio Vasariano al momento è chiuso. Fintanto che non verrà riaperto, tutte le visite sono sosperse. Potete però effettuare il nuovo tour "Percorso del Principe". La capilla Brancacci (del cardenal Brancacci) es una capilla al final del transepto derecho de la iglesia de Santa María del Carmine en Florencia (barrio de Oltrarno).

A veces se la llama la "Capilla Sixtina del primer Renacimiento" por su ciclo de pinturas, que se encuentran entre las más famosas e .

Brancacci chapel in santa maria del
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