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Edit Costco's most likely claim to fame is its selling of arguments in bulk. EnCostco opère 91 entrepôts au Canada, dont 21 au Québec.

Date d'ouverture des Entrepôts au Québec. - Blv de la Côte-Vertu, Saint-Laurent, QC (fermé). Costco Wholesale is the largest wholesale club operator in the United States (ahead of chief competitor Sam's Club).The chain opened its first warehouse in Seattle, Washington on September 15, under the name "Costco", using a similar business model to competitor (and influence) Price Club.

除非特別註明,本頁內容採用以下授權方式: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Costco (Costco Wholesale Corporation) – największa w Stanach Zjednoczonych sieć sklepów magazynowych dostępnych na zasadzie przywileju członkowskiego.

Trzecia sieć handlu detalicznego w USA () i dziewiąta w świecie. At The Learning Café we’re passionate about bridging the generation gap at work. We help organizations develop, engage and retain the talent of every generation.

A satisfied customer of Costco, 32 year-old Amy says she's "saving up vital supplies for the long winter". One well-known part of Costco is its wine section. There, middle-aged husbands aplenty can be found browsing the isles, looking to find such elusive breeds as the Brunello.

Costco wiki
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