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The Kayak by Debbie Spring

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What is an external conflict?

THE KAYAK By Debbie Spring External CONFLICT Flat Character Dynamic Character Adventurous Character Protagonist "I ride the wave. My kayak bobs like a cork in the swirling waters of Georgian bay. ting as the Citrus County PortAu-thority- last Wednesday Five-year-old Cassidy Reheiser from Spring Hill takes a turn at cracking a stone crab claw Saturday at the Stone Crab Jam in ther was the foreman for a crew that built the first highways across the south.

As a result, the family trav. Debbie Spring is a Thornhill, Ontario writer. Her previous full length publication, Breathing Soccer, was nominated for a Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award. Her short story "The Kayak" was the seed for this novel and was included in the anthology, Takes (Thistledown Press).

Debbie Spring, The Kayak. A literary deconstruction of the character of Theresa, Analyzing her characteristics. (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The modellervefiyatlar.comational1 Thomson Publishing,37).  Analyzing a Literary Character in a Short Story Using Systemic Grammar This paper will apply the features of systemic grammar.

Debbie spring kayak literary deconstruction character ther
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