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Field trip

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Children do more than just “watch” on field trips; they’re also exploring the world with the help of a trusted adult guide who models a way of learning – asking questions, seeking help and looking and listening carefully.

GPB is traveling all over Georgia to bring our state's rich history and culture to teachers and students. The field trips align with the Georgia. Space Center Houston, nonprofit gateway to NASA Johnson Space Center and Houston’s first Smithsonian Affiliate museum, inspires wonder in space exploration.

Field Trip Activities. A full roster of thought-provoking demonstrations, films, shows, and special hands-on exhibit areas provide great options for building an inspiring field trip that meets your educational goals. Birding Field Trips. General Information.

Field Trips

Tucson Audubon field trips are free, unless stated otherwise. It is customary for carpool passengers to help pay for fuel and other vehicle-related costs at the end of each trip.

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City Camp a non-profit summer day camp in Detroit, Michigan for children We also offer fun field trips!

Field trips
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