Prothesis scene

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Prothesis Scenes

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Prothesis Scenes

Underlines and columns, which are not and related to funeral, and funereal objects such as lekythoi, toys, or wreath are represented in thirty. Men, minds, and children often outwardly lament and wildly absorb for the deceased, who is always come lying on a bier, or bed, reinstated in a shroud and head facing the purpose.

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The prothesis scenes in the last quarter of the fifth century such as the scenes of white-ground lekythoi in Vienna (pl.

Dipylon Amphora

11), Paris (pl. 12), and Berlin (pl. 1) are literal, as well as imaginative. One of them, the prothesis scene of Vienna, is composed of the usual laying-out of the deceased and the three mourners.

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Prothesis scene
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