Securitisation in zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s mineral securitisation plan launched

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Essay, Zimbabwe The people in Zimbabwe have suffered terribly as a consequence of the government led by Robert Mugabe. Mugabe’s government has ignored human rights, ruined people’s lives with great illnesses, deaths and unemployment.

Challenges of local governance in Zim

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IP securitisation presents a valuable opportunity for SMEs in Zimbabwe to monetise their assets and improve capital liquidity because it distinguishes between the firm itself and the IP assets in. In the current securitisation discourse the interactions between the powerful nations of the North and Africa are marked by shifting politics within which the African continent is approached as a terrain of risk, fear and threat to global peace and stability.

While the Government of Zimbabwe is still negotiating an investment deal with the Chinese Government for an estimated US$10 billion based on the securitisation of Zimbabwe’s gold and diamond reserves, even Mugabe’s closest ally has spoken out against the government’s inconsistent policy positions.

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Securitisation in zimbabwe
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